Hello and Welcome to Evil Hayato's Cel Gallery Extravaganza!! Please feel free to look around and explore my gallery.

This is my first time making a cel gallery and im hoping to make it very interesting and diverse from the rest out there. I'm also trying to put up some of my original artwork on here as well. Thanks for stopping by.

WARNING: DO NOT COPY MY CELS AND MAKE FANCELS OUT OF THEM, IF YOU DO I WILL HURT YOU. I hate fancel artists that just copy other peoples cels and sell them on ebay. So if you do this then you should be shot... alot of times. Thank you and enjoy your stay.

Special thanks to bleeding orange for making my lovely new banner and others on here.

News & Updates

7/26/2005Im in the process of putting up my art and drawings on deviant arts' website. Thats where all my stuff will be updated to from now on. My gallery site is located HERE ENJOY!!
7/12/2005wow look an update!! too bad it doesnt deal with cels.. i just uploaded some new drawings ive done... tell your neighbors, your family, AND YOUR FRIENDS!!!
1/27/2005added some more of my art in the my art section.. feel free to check it out. Some of the scans kinda suck..

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Title Last Updated
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 6/20/2002
Cel Graveyard 10/3/2003
Dragonball GT 8/12/2003
Dragonball Z 7/2/2003
Genga and Douga 3/18/2003
He-Man MOTU 12/22/2003
My Art 7/12/2005
My Fan Art 9/12/2002
My Paintings 9/27/2004
Night Warriors/ Darkstalkers 9/16/2004
Outlaw Star 10/7/2002
PowerStone 10/7/2002
Psychic Force 6/20/2002
Spriggan 6/20/2002
Street Fighter - Akuma/Gouki 9/11/2004
Street Fighter Alpha 9/11/2004
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6/20/2002
The REAL Ghostbusters 6/21/2002

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